Types of markers

There a number of styles of stitch markers, but they are generally split into two groups: those used for knitting and those used mainly for crochet.

Crochet stitch markers are the orginal Doodlestop designs, they they have an opening to allow you to slip them into your stitches and remove them again. The crochet stitch markers are easy to use by those suffering from carpel tunnel or arthritis, as there are no fiddly clasps to use, they slip into stitches easily and are held in place by their curves.



Lobster clasp stitch markers. These are primarily used in crochet, but are also used in knitting (either on the needle or in the stitch. I use larger clasps to make it easy to manouver the lever.




Knitting stitch markers have a solid ring which goes around the knitting needle.  This can be used to mark your place when knitting in the round, or to help count your stitches on your needles.  You can use the crochet markers to mark corners and the like if you want.  Doodlestop knitting stitch markers have an internal diameter of 10mm, so will fit the majority of knitting projects.



I designed the Doodlestop Nimbus stitch marker to assist those with limited dexterity or pain in their hands. These stitch markers will still glide into your stitches like standard Doodlestops, while removal or repositioning is eased by the longer lever and additional grip provided by the larger square bead.