Rosewood nostepinne

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Its silky smooth, gorgeous to look at, and will help you ball the most beautifull olive shaped hand balled yarn.

The Doodlestop Nostepinne has been hand turned from rosewood, and oiled to a smooth finish that will look protect your yarn and really let the beauty of the wood shine through.

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There are lots of tutorials out there which will tell you how to use one properly, and I would suggest a video to explain it better, but as a quick introduction:
- make a slip knot in your yarn and put it over the nostepinne, keep track of the end if you want a centre pull ball
- wrap your yarn around the nostepinne a few times (about and inch or so)
- wrap the yarn diagonally around the area you have wrapped in the previous step.
- keep wrapping diagonally, rotating the nostepinne as you go so that each row doesn't overlap the last.

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